Original Add from 1982
Original Add from 1982. It ran in Call A.P.P.L.E, Nibbles, and Nunts & Volts. We ran adds like this from 1979 till around 1985.
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Laing Electronics Has been Serving Clients for over 30 Years.

  • We first started in 1979 selling accessories for the Apple II/IIe computer, and CP/M & MP/M S100 type systems. We were one of the first Mail Order Computer Accessories companies.
  • We built and sold some of the first hard drive systems for the Apple II/II+ (wow all of 10Mb size).
  • We also built and sold eight inch drive systems for the apple using our own controller card. They were either single or dual drive systems that were large 50 to 75 pounds! And had all of 1.2Mb in storage, this was considered large storage then.
  • We installed CP/M systems in many legal offices with Word Star as the word processor.
  • In 1982 we Incorporated and became Laing Electronics Inc.
  • We started selling IBM PC's and PC Clones as they took over from the Early Apple and CP/M systems. They were DOS systems back then, before windows.
  • We wrote many custom applications for clients in the early days using the DBASE file structure and a complier called Clipper. Many of them were multi user and ran on Novell Networks we installed for our clients. One of our systems that we ran in-house processed out of state parking tickets for clients all over the United States Including Las Vegas and New York City, we would take the original ticket and match the owners information up from DMV records for our clients and mail tickets to the owners.
  • We also became one of the first Novell Gold Authorized dealers in Orange County. We setup Servers and networks, some are still running 20 years later. Novell was about the only good solutions for a business that wanted a local area network (LAN) with a server.
  • During all 30+ years we have been a source for computer service and support for our clients.
  • In the last 15 years we have sold PC systems and Servers based on Intel Motherboards (not Asian clones). Intel manufactures the highest quality PC and Server motherboards, not just the Processor's and Chips. They outlast most of the other solutions and normally only get taken out of service to upgrade to something faster after many years.
  • Our primary business today is one of service, consulting, custom built PC's and Servers, network design and setup, and anything related to computers.